time | lapse series:

the persistence of memory, 2016/17.

Projected or screen-based multi-field video loop of around 5 mins duration (2 mins shown here), intended for presentation with immersive audio

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The persistence of memory, 2015

Single or multi-channel (up to 5) video, approx 5 mins duration (seamlessly looped).

This project can be presented on a single screen, or projected as several separate video channels onto semi transparent gauze screens, approximately 3 x 2.5 metres each, which along with powerful audio, creates an immersive experience.

The project continues my exploration in iteration, serialisation, memory and time, and the sequences of images in each field are drawn from personal photographs; fragments of language driven by various algorithms; and short animated sequences composited from a variety of personal sources. The audio is layered from many recordings in public places.